ProComplianceWare for Boarding Schools

Environmental Responsibility, Compliance and Sustainability for Boarding Schools

Almost all institutions – including boarding schools – are faced with environmental responsibility and sustainable business practices, a necessity for the global environment. Non-compliance of these regulatory requirements can lead to costly non-compliance penalties.

Boarding School's Environmental Compliance Systems

ProComplianceWare is designed to help you understand and achieve your school’s best practices to ensure environmental compliance. PCW delivers a cost-effective and easy-to-use Web-based environmental management system (EMS) that electronically tracks compliance deadlines for inspection, reporting, training and sampling activities imposed by environmental regulations.

Any institution regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or state agencies can use PCW for improved permit report organization, compliance due-date tracking and searchable document archive.

ProComplianceWare Features and Benefits

  • Safely manages compliance documents in one secure, online location.
  • Assures adherence to all permits and environmental requirements.
  • Reduces the risk of compliance penalties and fines.
  • Enables 24/7 access to records from computers, tablets or smartphones.
  • Provides different levels of data access.
  • Improves record-keeping and storage.
  • Easily set up by in-house staff or environmental consultants.
  • Cloud-based for immediate and constant access to records.
  • A truly affordable, environmental management system.

Reliable. Accessible. Safe.

PCW is a Web-based system-no software to install or update-which can be accessed from computers, tablets or smartphones. ProComplianceWare is an affordable solution than can help your school improve compliance management. It is an indispensable tool for any institution that must monitor its environmental impact and minimize costs.

It is no longer acceptable for organizations to be negligent in environmental compliance management. When our organization first saw the capabilities of ProComplianceWare, we knew that we could leverage this powerful new solution to respond to our clients’ growing requirements to manage, report and optimize their environmental performance.
— Vice President Joe Campisi, EH&S Services, EBI Consulting

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"There are many, many environmental deadlines we have to meet, and PCW is an awesome reminder system - truly the backbone of the system. It already saves us money and will save us money for years to come."

- Harry Hallgring, HR/Safety Director, New England Boatworks

"Enforcing environmental laws is a central part of EPA's Strategic Plan (2014-2018) to protect human health and the environment. EPA works to ensure compliance with environmental requirements. When warranted, EPA will take civil or criminal enforcement action against violators of environmental laws."

- The Environmental Protection Agency

"There's a new mindset among forward-thinking businesses...they are starting to view energy and resource management not just as matters for the compliance department but also as the foundation for running more sustainable operations.

- Heather Clancy, ZDNet Contributor

"When our organization first saw the capabilities of ProComplianceWare, we knew that we could leverage this powerful new solution to respond to our clients' growing requirements to manage, report and optimize their environmental performance."

- Vice President Joe Campisi, EH&S Services

"Our mission is to provide a transformative, easy-to-use and affordable compliance management software system."

- Edward N. Sailer, President, ProEnvironmentWare, Inc

"PCW enables recyclers to meet environmental compliance requirements"

Read about PCW in Recycling Product News - March 2014

"In FY 2014, EPA enforcement actions required U.S. companies to pay more than $163 million in combined Federal administrative, civil judicial penalties and criminal fine."

- Environmental Protection Agency

"After becoming one of the first Connecticut Clean Marinas, ProComplianceWare was the next logical step towards making Mystic Shipyard a truly environmentally compliant marina."

- Jeff Marshall, Managing Member, Mystic Shipyard, Mystic, CT

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